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By Amanda Guisbond, @agbond

I am admittedly a slacker when it comes to scheduling annual doctor visits.  Even if I do manage to keep on top of appointments, I end up seeing my primary care physician for about 15 minutes tops once a year.  Having switched doctors in the past year, I couldn’t confidently tell you my new doctor’s full name without quickly checking a list of physicians online (whoops).

It’s probably no surprise then that so many adults find it difficult to speak candidly with their physician about personal concerns.  This sense of trepidation can potentially have serious health consequences.  Depression, lack of sexual appetite, cigarette smoking and poor exercise regimens have all been cited as health problems that patients don’t tell their doctors about.  This is in part due to the patient-physician disconnect and the lack of a stronger relationship that would create a comfort zone for patients when sitting in a medical robe, facing a rapid fire short-list of questions about their everyday life.  Visits with a doctor are often between 8 and 20 minutes – not necessarily enough time to have a thorough conversation about needs, concerns and to answer questions.

So, how can physicians and health care providers create stronger connections with patients outside of occasional visits, to improve the patient-physician relationship?  Heres one idea

Facebook.  Imagine if your hospital or health care provider had a Facebook fan page, and your physician had a related blog tab or actively contributed to the page?  What if your physician went so far as to have their own Facebook page where they posted news and advice, or answered your questions online?

I’m not saying these things are easy.  Establishing an authentic, consistent social media presence is labor-intensive.  Not to mention the obvious concerns about privacy, HIPAA and other regulations that make certain patient-physician communications more complicated.  But what if you could connect with your patients, in real-time, no matter how few and far between their visits may be?  Wouldnt that help improve the connection you make once a year in the waiting room?

For me, the social media remedy would be comprised of short, pithy messages that connect you to your healthcare provider – something like:

Notification: Your hospital just sent you a private Facebook message reminding you your annual visit is coming up.  Would you like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith?  If so, just call us at 123-4567! We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Status update: Congratulations to Dr. Smith on 20 years of service from the folks at Best Hospital! Do you have a Dr. Smith story or note you’d like to share? Comment here or email her directly at

Wall post from Dr. Smith:  Hi everybody! I’ll be on vacation next week but Dr. Jones will be taking my appointments – for those who don’t know Dr. Jones, she has more than 20 years of experience at the hospital. Please give her a warm hello for me, I’m looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks.

Many hospitals are already doing this to some extent, to maintain ties to their local community and to continue to act as a trusted resource for accurate health information.  However, there is still room for improvement in terms of engaging patients and caregivers, providing direct access to physicians, and cultivating the patient-physician relationship in the social media realm.

What are some ways you think hospitals can foster the patient-physician relationship online, whether through a hospital’s own web presence or by creating distinct, separate platforms for physician-patient interaction? 

Stay tuned to for an upcoming post that will provide our top five tips to cut the time associated with physician-patient Facebook communication.

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Discover True Natural Breast Enhancement In A Simple But Yet Powerful Form

Women have an alternative to have breast enhancement procedures for different reasons. Just about the most typical reasons a lot of women endure this sort of surgical treatment is to correct the asymmetry of breast size, for example, if a breast is clearly small compared to the other.

One more reason women may decide on this process would be to restore breast volume right after she’s given birth. After pregnancy or when breastfeeding is completed, the breast tissue tend to get smaller a number of sizes. It doesn’t only affect the size but the volume, shape and appearance. It could make the breasts limpy with less volume, and there will be noticeable stretch marks, too. Enlarge Your Breasts Naturally using Brestrogen

Breast enhancement operation may be done being a rebuilding treatment after the non-cosmetic breast surgery.

The price for such a surgery varies from one place to another. One may find cosmetic surgery abroad yet get the best plastic surgeon around to do the job for her. The processes, in addition to the tests accomplished before, during and following the surgery, are the same in all places even though prices significantly vary from country to country.

This really is exactly the rationale why increasingly more women seek this type of cheap plastic surgery. They receive the exact same excellent quality of work at a dramatically reduced value.

Prior to the procedure, a number of checks and tests is going to be conducted to obtain the greatest results. First evaluation and discussion is completed to allow the health care provider to extensively assess family history and past health conditions that could bring about the necessity for additional medical attention. The succeeding appointments allow the patient and the surgeon to talk about available procedures, how the procedures are carried out, possible problems, and expected outcome.

The operation requires putting implants underneath the breast. Augmentations differ based on what the surgeon and the patient concur with. There’s also a number of options on the way a plastic surgeon can get this job accomplished. It all depends on what exactly is agreed upon by the patient and the plastic surgeon.

Just after surgery or during the period of healing, the patient must carefully adhere to the surgeon’s advice to avoid complications. Avoid stressing and rest for a few days before resuming normal activities. The recovery period will invariably go smoothly, so long as the patient considers each advice the cosmetic surgeon gave; taking medications as scheduled is always practical.

You will discover minimal dangers which go with this particular procedure; the rate of success is extremely high. Yet, it is still vital that you talk about details with the surgeon, because this is still a medical procedure.

For ladies who wish to get cheap breast enhancement operation, going in another country could be a more sensible choice, taking into consideration the amount of money one may shell out for such a procedure.


Where To Buy HCG Drops

The best hcg drops are the ones who make a focus on 3 primary things; customer support, hcg ingredients and price. In order for anyone to succeed with the HCG drops diet they need a strong support staff. In addition to that the ingredients in the best hcg drops will have added amino acids to help with overall health. Finally the price will determine ultimately what the budget can afford.

Each of the 6 HCG drops brands we have reviews for on this site offer custom levels of customer service. It is important that you know some HCG drops brands are white labels, meaning they are re-selling a different HCG drops formula. Usually this means they have no customer support. Our HCG brands have 24 hour support, most even have 24 hour phone support but all are available by phone, email and chat.

The HCG hormone is pretty unchangeable, its not like you can tweak the hormone for effectiveness much beyond its designed intent. Now some of the additives that go into the HCG can make help you to feel full longer as well as raise the amount of calories you can take on HCG. There are also a number of amino acids that can be added to help maintain recovery, health levels and energy.

The last component of the best HCG drops on the market is that they are not too price prohibitive. Most bottles are going to run between $60 and $120. If you are paying more than $120 for a bottle of HCG then you are paying too much. Where To Buy HCG Drops has the top 6 HCG drops that meet these minimum requirements listed in order of effectiveness.  So take comfort in knowing that HCG 1234 has been through the ringer in our reviews and that is why we’ve listed it number 1. Feel free to read more of the reviews from the various HCG drops brands now that you know what to look for.HCG Drops

HCG drops are a liquid form of the HCG hormone that you place under your tongue in order to ingest the hormone and convince your body that you are pregnant. This causes your metabolism to burn calories from the fat stores you have as opposed to the calories you take in on a daily basis. The best HCG drops only work if you are following the diet with exactness and not ever cheating.HCG For Weight Loss

When using HCG for weight loss you need to understand this is not a long term solution but rather a short term boost to really get your body ready for a health lifestyle. If you are a yo-yo dieter who can’t seem to maintain a healthy diet after a weight loss plan than HCG for weight loss is only going to cause you more problems in the long run. HCG weight loss is designed to be a bridge that connects you to a better life style, not the solution for long term health.Where to Buy HCG

If you are looking for where to buy hcg drops, or where to buy hcg for injections then consider doing most of your research online. You can purchase hcg drops online from several retailers including the ones we have ranked on this site, in addition you can often purchase HCG from different health food stores, although the health food stores offer any type of follow up support.


How to Start a Low Carb Diet

Maybe you’re trying to lose weight or even manage your blood sugar. For whatever reason, you’ve decided to go low carb. Where do you begin? Get rid of the high carb foods.
Some foods are much higher in carbs, and much harder on your blood sugar, than others. These foods will need to go, and you’ll replace them with lower carb versions.Sugar, honey, syrup, etc. These are absolute no-no’s on a low carb diet. You’ll need to substitute sweeteners like splenda, sugar alcohols, sugar free syrups, etc.

White flour and foods made with it. Think those sugar-free cookies are okay? Think again. They are still probably loaded in carbs because they’re made with white flour. Same goes for cake mixes, breads, etc. Substitute foods made with whole grain flours.White flour pasta. This one deserves its own category. Whole grain pasta has less impact on your blood sugar and tastes good too.Potatoes. The starch in potatoes is bad for your blood sugar. Same goes for sweet potatoes. Try using other vegetables instead of potatoes.
After replacing the major culprits, you still have some work to do. Some foods that are perfectly acceptable will impact your blood sugar more than others. You’ll need to read labels and experiment, and track what you eat and what effect it has.

Reading Labels

Check the serving size first. A food may look low carb because the nutrition information is calculated for an absurdly small serving size.Calculate the net carbs. Total carbs MINUS fiber content MINUS sugar alcohol content. For example, let’s say a slice of bread has 15 grams carbs and 5 grams fiber. Net carbs would be 10 grams.Know the glycemic impact of the food. Equal amounts of carbs from different kinds of foods can have different effects on your blood sugar. Use a site like this to choose foods lower on the glycemic scale.

Track and Test
Keep track of what you eat and when. I know it can be inconvenient, but it’s not something you’ll have to do forever. Your goal is to learn what foods you tolerate well and which ones have too much of a negative impact on your blood sugar. Often it’s not even the individual foods but the blood sugar impact of the entire meal that you have to be concerned about.

Test your blood sugar before each meal and two hours after.

Note what you ate, how much, and how your blood sugar did after the meal.

Over time, you’ll learn which foods you tolerate best.Mix high carb foods into your low carb meals
If you want something relatively high carb, you may be better off eating it with a meal than alone. The protein and fat of the meal can mitigate the effect of carbs.
Here’s an example, my husband is able to tolerate potato salad pretty well, even though he’s diabetic. That’s probably because the potatoes (high carb) are mixed with eggs and mayonnaise. The protein and fat slows his digestion, and slows the effects the carbs have on his blood sugar. If he ate the same amount of potatoes as french fries or as a baked potato, he’d likely see a different effect.

Do your research
Read about nutrition and low carb diets. Talk to your doctor about the diet you’re following. Take your food journal to a nutritionist. Changing to a low carb lifestyle isn’t going to happen overnight, but you can make changes that will benefit your health.


How to Get White Teeth

Knowing how to get white teeth is important to our daily lives. That opens the door to many aspects of life that does not bring yellow teeth. If you are in a job interview or going out to an important appointment, stained teeth can ruin your first impression and the chance to win big points of others. If your teeth are discolored due to smoking, age, or simply just want a bright white smile, you can use these tips on how to get white teeth fast to reveal your smile more beautiful and glamorous.
One of the best how to get white teeth fast at home systems is the use of teeth whitening kits, strips or pen. These are widely used by many people and celebrities, due to the efficiency and convenience provided by this teeth whitening systems. You can simply apply these products on your teeth several times before going to bed and at least 10 minutes in the morning before running to the job. These how to get white teeth systems are so effective that can give you whiter teeth fast with very little amount of time and money.

Professional teeth whitening

This is the second best way how to get white teeth and brighter smiles richest celebrities go. Just go to the dentist’s office in your area and you can get celebrity white teeth very fast. The main techniques used in the dentist’s office are stranding kits, light therapy, and the whitening gel placed in the mouth and usually takes 3 hours to do. After that, you will receive a brilliant bright white smile and a nice bill of $ 300 to $ 800 or more depending on where you go.How to get white teeth naturally
The third way how to get white teeth naturally using home remedies. A combination of peroxide and baking soda can be used as a bleaching agent who gives whiter teeth with little or no cost. You can also mix baking soda pears in size with your toothpaste and use it together to get maximum results. However, these types of how to get white teeth fast homemade recipes just go to a certain point and you cannot expect 100% improvement in a short period of time.

Maintaining White Teeth

When we are born we have white teeth, why can’t we keep our teeth that white?  Well you can expect to have white teeth all your life after you have an in-house whitening procedure. After you have undergone this treatment or you have used the secure kind of teeth whitening.
Keeping your teeth white doesn’t have to be hard work however you do have to remember good oral hygiene is a must. Here are some techniques on how to maintain white teeth.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

There are many teeth whitening (sbiancamento denti) products like tooth pastes out there for the sole purpose of teeth whitening as this contains mild abrasives that can scrub off surface stains and keep white teeth. It would also be a good idea to rinse your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash that has whitening properties.
Use Teeth Whitening Products
You can follow up an in-house teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening gel, strips, trays and teeth whitening pens. Pen that whitens can be place on the teeth anywhere and any time you want and allow you joy your white teeth.

Avoid Teeth Staining Foods to Keep White Teeth
Teeth staining  foods and drinks include soda, coffee, dark colored berries, tomato sauce, soy sauce, tea, curry, balsamic vinegar, red wine, and cranberry juice, among many others. You do not have to take these altogether out of your diet you just need to make sure you brush afterward.
Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is not only good for the maintenance of your white teeth but more importantly for your overall health. Give your pearly teeth a break by saying goodbye to this hard function to break.
Visit Your Tooth Doctor Steadily
With regular visits, your dentist will be able to check the condition of your white teeth, detect discoloration before it becomes obvious, and find out if you have cracks in your teeth where debris and stains may accumulate.
You need to practice good dental hygiene, avoid teeth staining foods and drinks, quit smoking, follow-up with teeth whitening products, and visit your dentist regularly for check-up. When you follow these tips it will help ensure that you can keep your white teeth bright and shining.